Interview with Betty Bogdanowicz from Coral Choice


How does 4 Steps to Health educate the general public about hydration?
We are careful how we educate the general public because we are not licensed medical professionals and our information is through our research and support of clean hydration. Clean hydration refers to clean drinking water. Water is an essential part of human life, and the water that people consume needs to assist with hydrating them and filtering their waste products from their bodies. If water contains certain chemicals that can prevent adequate hydration then people can suffer as a result. 4 Steps TO Health promotes "Superhydration" with water. water that has certain parameters which allows our bodies to absorb these parameters as well. Clean water, may be filtered (a very good filter like Reverse Osmosis), and this produces a distilled water.  Thus, we need to add  minerals to it. We (personally) use "Coral-Mine" from the Okinawa (Japan) where people statistically live extremely long and healthy. 

What has your organization learned about the relationship between hydration and kidney function?
Again, we are not medical professionals and do not act as nephrologists. We learned that proper hydration allows the kidneys to function. If hydration is not consistent the kidneys can be affected. Toxicity is a cause of  most issues for our kidneys. Our skin, very often is called the 3rd Kidney, so our skin shows signs of toxicity, not just internally; externally as well.   

Does your organization refer to specific literature or research for information about hydration?
There is a lot of research made on hydration for our bodies. Leader in this field, for example, is Dr. Batmanghelidj, whose research is well known in the United States. Dr. Batmanghelidj's research indicates that many diseases are contributed from lack of proper hydration. Instead of treating symptoms, let's work on resolving this matter then. We want people to hydrate from water than other fluids, like coffee or soda, since science shows water (proper hydration) allows our body to function appropriately so our cells can function throughout our bodies. In our opinion, mineralization is the best naturally, ionized water, alkaline: 7,5-9,5 pH, with low surface tension that is similar to the blood surface tension and structure.    

Who are the people your organization contends for?
Our organization contends for the well-being, general health and proper hydration of everyone. We want to help people to understand how our body works and how with the best and so easy to apply strategies gain our health, our energy back. 

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