“Behind any Health Need is a Spiritual Need”


People are imperfect and endure various struggles throughout their lives. Some struggles are not as easy to overcome and require guidance whether through counseling, meditation or spiritual redemption. For almost a decade Butch Horton (BH) has lead guidance through his minster sessions at Open Road Biker Church in Georgetown, Texas, United States.  Kidney Contenders®  (KC) spoke with Butch to learn more about the health benefits from the heavenly realm. 

KC: Tell our readers about the creation of Open Road Biker Church, why do people congregate to your church?

BH: I was a youth minister for Baptist churches in Texas (USA) for over 17 years. I was approached to start a non-traditional style of church in Texas, and I gladly accepted that offer. In June 7, 2009 the Open Road Biker Church was created. Our church now has over 120 attendees. People congregate to our church to participate in our family atmosphere, our genuine acceptance of all people and our preaching of our Lord and Savior.

KC: Is it important for people to go to church to understand their spirituality or can spirituality be embraced outside of church?

BH: Open Road Biker Church has a comfortable atmosphere that allow people to embrace their spirituality without judgement. Our goal is to preach the gospel from the scriptures, so people understand how values and morality are explained in the Bible. Those who understand their faith and accept their fate can embrace their faith no matter where they practice their faith.

KC: How does church in general provide comfort to those who seek redemption?

BH: Church becomes the light to the lost. Church is a place of forgiveness and worship. Worship becomes the person’s truth. 

KC: Who are the people you contend for? 

BH: I want to reach people who are lost or uncertain about Christianity, teach them about Jesus as their Lord and Savior and how he lives in all of us.